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Grimey media

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  • JOOMLA - Content Management System

    The basic Joomla site is great, but knowing how to work for you take some tricks. Out of the box it not yet set up to provide the Search Engine Friendly URL's. Knowing what page users are looking at are essential to anyone concerned with their sites performance.We strive to make sure their is a quantitative way of analyzing the traffic. Everyone involved with have a better understanding of the website will work for them.


    FLASH / SHOCKWAVE - Developing Rich Media Content

    Creating interactive games and eye-catching banner ads Flash has been a great tool for over a decade. We have been there since it started. Shockwave is its companign and we have spent some years working with the software. PHP and MySQL provide web interaction for up date information in either application.


    PHP / MySQL - Server sided scripting and Database Connectivity

    PHP and MySQL provide a powerful secure foundation for websites and web applications. We are proficient in both. 


    JQUERY / JAVASCRIPT - When ever client sided scripting is needed we turn to our old friend JavaScript and it new suite of libraries jQuery.



    Packing your site for the web is like packing for virtual camping trip. Make sure you want people to know what you have to say or sell you need to make sure to pack it in the code.


    Often a company will need a program to do a specific job that what is out there on the market will not work. Custom development in either the Mac or Windows world may be more cost effective. Working with Access Database and exporting to PDF is our specialty.
About Us


    First became passionate for digital media in 1993.

    While working for a few commercial photographers and working on his own photography work he went back to school to learn this new thing called photoshop. Version 2.5, before layers were introduced. With this class he signed up for a new class called "Designing for Multimedia".

    Designing a Photography Portfolio was the project for the class. The class was way above the his level but this stuff was in it's infancy. That is the best time to get into anything. He has been working in the field since 1996, producing CD-Roms, web development and websites.

    Porn star of the late eighties.